Would you like to set yourself apart from the run-of-the-mill garden centers in your area? Farmer Gracy is here to give you that distinctive difference that will see gardening enthusiasts choosing your store as their chosen flower bulb retailer.

Old favorites plus rare and unusual varieties

Our extensive range is absolutely mind-boggling! Pick varieties according to your experience, ask us for a list of bestsellers, or involve your clients through your newsletter or garden club meeting days for assured sales. Build a reputation as the go-to store for flower bulb connoisseurs!

Wholesale Flower Bulbs for Garden Centers

Our products

Get a one-stop supplier for all your:

  • Spring flowering bulbs
  • Summer booming bulbs
  • Bare-root perennials

Gorgeous packaging boosts impulse-buying

If there’s one thing your customers love, it’s eye-candy! Gorgeous packaging will inspire your clients to grab that pack of flower bulbs they weren’t really planning on buying when they visited your store.

Boosting your sales means appealing to your clients’ love of beauty and color. They won’t be disappointed, and nor will you!

Point of sale materials

Just as packaging matters, the overall appearance of your display draws the eye, opening minds, hearts and wallets to the promise of unbelievably beautiful garden glories.

Loose bulbs for your own branded packaging or high-volume clients

Our quality ensures you’ll be proud to associate your brand with our products. In addition, every garden center has its knowledgeable clients with big gardens and ambitious plans. Supply loose bulbs to order at lower prices and win their loyalty.

Quality matters

Just making a sale won’t bring you repeat business, but when your clients achieve outstanding results, they’ll be back for more. Farmer Gracey supplies only top-size, Dutch-grown bulbs that are primed for flowering perfection.

Our Garden Center services

  • Our service to you begins before you place your order. All bulbs are stored under perfect, climate-controlled conditions.
  • Our large-scale packaging line offers you absolutely professional, retail-friendly packaging.
  • We ship all year round, offering seasonally appropriate bulbs and bare-root perennials.
  • We source bulbs and customize orders according to your needs. Looking for a variety you can’t find anywhere? Give us your challenge! If it can be found, we’ll find it.
  • When it comes to flower bulbs, there’s no quality like Dutch quality. Use it as a selling point and build your reputation as a source for the finest quality products.
  • We offer discounts on bulk orders: the more you buy, the less you pay!
  • Service excellence makes purchasing easy and pain-free. Tell us what you need, receive your quote and place your order. What could be simpler?
Crate with Flower Bulbs
Tulip Queen of Night bulbs
Wholesale Allium Bulbs

Why buy Wholesale Flower Bulbs from Farmer Gracy?

It takes years to groom a tulip bulb for that perfect blooming, and the same goes for most other bulbs too. There are a lot of factors that also come into play. The main ‘secret’ about good quality bulbs is the bulb size. Storage temperatures and the way in which bulbs are stored is important. They also have to be virus-free. Although growing bulbs in the garden is incredibly easy, preparing them takes time and skill.

Because Farmer Gracy represents a Dutch bulb-growing family with a proud heritage that goes back for generations, we’re not about to spoil our reputation with undersized bulbs. Our wholesale flower bulbs are carefully graded, and those that are still too small will be held back form the market, giving them another year to reach the ideal size.

The differences in performance between Farmer Gracy’s high-quality bulbs and “cheap”, substandard bulbs are worlds apart. You can’t grow wonderful plants when you begin with substandard materials, whether you’re growing plants from seeds, cuttings or bulbs. That’s why we only supply premium quality, Dutch grown wholesale flower bulbs. You won’t regret buying from us.

The best flower bulbs are grown in Holland, where facilities and weather conditions are perfect to ensure premium quality and strong flower bulbs. Since we are right in the heart of the famous Dutch Flower Bulb Region,  we are able to always supply a fresh crop of flower bulbs, directly from the fields. At Farmer Gracy’s, we cooperate with the world’s best bulb breeders to produce and supply world class wholesale flower bulbs.

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