Are you hoping to raise funds for a cause that’s close to your heart? Donations are wonderful, but offering something in return will boost your efforts exponentially. We help you to build your fundraising offer into something irresistible!

Sell Flower Bulbs for a Great Cause

It’s so easy! We’ve helped many clients to build fundraiser sales offers, and we’ll give you the benefit of our experience and advice. Never tried it before? Let us help you!

Wholesale Flower Bulbs for Fundraising Projects

Make Your Fundraising Sales Anytime and Accommodate Late Orders

Just when you thought you’d maxed out your sales, yet another batch of orders comes through. No problem! Our flexible shipping program ensures you don’t miss out on a dime for your cause.

Was it a great success this fall? Try it again in spring with summer-flowering bulbs like Lilies, Gladioli and Dahlias.

Funds need a mid-season boost? Why not offer a range of bare-root perennials? The possibilities are endless.

“Charity” Bulbs Can be Top Quality Bulbs

When you choose our bulbs for your fundraising drive, you have the confidence that comes with knowing you’re offering bulbs from top Dutch growers. The quality is quite simply unbeatable! Your buyers will benefit themselves as much as they benefit your cause. Who is doing who a favour? Next year, and the next, they’ll be begging you to run your program again.

Get an Edge on The Box Stores

Your cause is a strong selling point, but so are your bulbs! Get an edge by offering rare and unusual varieties no box store will stock. We don’t supply them, so you can be sure of having something truly unique to offer.

The More Successful Your Fund-Raising Drive, The Less You Pay

We structure our pricing based on the volume you order. The more you sell, the more your charity makes per pack of bulbs sold, so get your volunteers out there and help us to help you and your cause.

Get the Best Advice and Service

We’re here to help you achieve your fund-raising target! Our sales staff love to help their clients, and when a good cause is part of the package, you can be sure we’ll go the extra mile. Get selling tips and materials, technical advice and more.

Contact us today, and make your fundraiser the most successful one ever!

Muscari Mount Hood Bulbs
Wholesale Crocus Bulbs
Wholesale Daffodil Bulbs

Why buy Wholesale Flower Bulbs from Farmer Gracy?

It takes years to groom a tulip bulb for that perfect blooming, and the same goes for most other bulbs too. There are a lot of factors that also come into play. The main ‘secret’ about good quality bulbs is the bulb size. Storage temperatures and the way in which bulbs are stored is important. They also have to be virus-free. Although growing bulbs in the garden is incredibly easy, preparing them takes time and skill.

Because Farmer Gracy represents a Dutch bulb-growing family with a proud heritage that goes back for generations, we’re not about to spoil our reputation with undersized bulbs. Our wholesale flower bulbs are carefully graded, and those that are still too small will be held back form the market, giving them another year to reach the ideal size.

The differences in performance between Farmer Gracy’s high-quality bulbs and “cheap”, substandard bulbs are worlds apart. You can’t grow wonderful plants when you begin with substandard materials, whether you’re growing plants from seeds, cuttings or bulbs. That’s why we only supply premium quality, Dutch grown wholesale flower bulbs. You won’t regret buying from us.

The best flower bulbs are grown in Holland, where facilities and weather conditions are perfect to ensure premium quality and strong flower bulbs. Since we are right in the heart of the famous Dutch Flower Bulb Region,  we are able to always supply a fresh crop of flower bulbs, directly from the fields. At Farmer Gracy’s, we cooperate with the world’s best bulb breeders to produce and supply world class wholesale flower bulbs.

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